30 Mayıs 2012

Latest Fenerbahce News

In Europe the economic crisis continues to get worse. Universal Hospital Groups has the economics crisis and they have ended their sponsorship agreement with Fenerbahce. There are many offers from different companies. (for ex. Garanti Bank, Doğuş Groups & Holding) In previously there were proposals for new sponsorship by Turkish Airlines but there is nothing official yet.

First of all, Fenerbahce part ways with head coach Ze Roberto as well as foreign players Fabiana Claudino and Lioubov Sokolova.

Fenerbahce announced the departures of local players Duygu Bal, Didem Ege, Yağmur Koçyiğit. I think, that is a good news. Unfortunately, Yağmur, Duygu and Didem can't be even substitutes in Fenerbahçe.

On the other hand, Eda Erdem has resigned 3 year contract extensions to remain with the Fenerbahce. Per team policy, terms of the agreements were not disclosed. Also Nihan has resigned contract extensions to remain with Fenerbahce too.

After losing Naz, Fenerbahçe has signed 2 years contract with Turkish setter from Vakifbank Türk Telekom Nilay Özdemir.

Meanwhile, Fenerbahce have added Meryem Boz (OH/OPP), Elif Onur (OH) and Gökçen Denkel Zop (MB) to their next season’s roster.

Fenerbahce tries everything to extend superstar Kim's contract and in my opinion yellow canaries can't afford to lose Yeon Koung Kim. We'll wait and see..

After the Polish superstar Skowronska, another Polish player Berenika Okuniewska has decided to play for Fenerbahce. I think it would be good choice because all the best level other MBs like Rasic, Akinradewo, Thaisa agreed with other clubs.

Fenerbahce have resigned with Turkish players Merve Dalbeler, İpek Soroglu and Seda Uslu Eryüz (has not yet been confirmed by club)


- At the end of the season, Sheilla Castro had an offer from Fenerbahce once again but she didn't accept and she already signed with Sollys Osasco but we wish you the best Sheilla* (It's not official)

- Fenerbahce met with representatives of young Turkish libero Gizem Orge and Nilüfer Belediyesi in May regarding the transfer of the player to Fenerbahce Dereagzi Facilities but no Gizem Orge to Fenerbahce deal and Gizem Orge has no chance of joining Fenerbahce at this time.* (Gizem has already signed with Vakifbank Türk Telekom)

- Turkish sources has denied reports that Brazilian spiker Mari has secured deal to Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce have ended their interest in Brazilian spiker Marianne Steinbrecher.

Finally, Fenerbahce will play at the 2012/2013 CEV Cup and FIVB World Club Championships.

Thoughts ?;​​​​​​​​​​​