3 Nisan 2012

The Playoffs: Win or Go Away

Fenerbahçe Universal finished the regular season unbeaten (22-0). Fenerbahce Universal road to a Turkish league championship begins with the Yeşilyurt. On paper, Fenerbahce Universal enjoy several advantages against the Yeşilyurt, having completed a 2-0 season sweep.

Series Hub
April 3rd @ 12.00 (CET) Fenerbahçe Universal – Yeşilyurt
April 4th @ 16:30 (CET) Fenerbahçe Universal – Ted Kolejliler
April 5th @ 17:00 (CET) Fenerbahçe Universal – Galatasaray

Who is the Fener's leaders?
Score: Kim is the team's best scorer (320 pts)
Block: Eda is the team's best blocker (48 block)
Serve: Eda is the team's best server (48 ace)

This Season’s Matchups

Fenerbahce and Yeşilyurt met 2 times in 2011-12, Fenerbahce sweeping Yeşilyurt clean.

Yeşilyurt 0-3 Fenerbahçe Universal Jan. 3 @Yesilyurt Sport Hall: Fenerbahce Universal defeated the hosts Yesilyurt 3-0 to finish the home leg of league season as the unbeaten leaders with a maximum of 33 points. Logan didn't play. Yeon Koung Kim was top scorer of the game with 16 pts and Eda had 10 points and supported by captain Seda Tokatlıoğlu with 8 pts.

Fenerbahçe Universal 3-0 Yeşilyurt March 14 @Burhan Felek Sport Hall: Fenerbahce Universal hosted Yesilyurt in the last match of regular season at Burhan Felek. Fenerbahce defeated the opponent 3-0. Kim was top scorer of the game with 19pts. Eda Erdem (16) and Logan Tom (11) combined for 27 of Fener in the game.

Fenerbahce Universal and IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler met 2 times in 2011-12. Fenerbahçe Universal swept IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler

IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler 0-3 Fenerbahçe Universal December 25 @Başkent Felek Sport Hall: Fenerbahçe Universal spectators full filled Başkent Sport Hall. At Aroma Womens Volleyball first League, Fenerbahce Universal who was the visitor of IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler won the match with a score of 3-0 and Fenerbahce returns with 3 points from Ankara. Eda Erdem had 15 pts for the Fener and Kim adds 14 points.

Fenerbahçe Universal 3-0 IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler March 7 @Burhan Felek Sport Hall: Fenerbahce Universal and IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler faced in league 20th day match at Burhan Felek. Fenerbahce Universal sweep IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler 3-0.

Fenerbahce Universal and Galatasaray met 2 times in 2011-12, Fenerbahce Universal sweeping a series Galatasaray 2-0.

Fenerbahçe Universal 3-1 Galatasraay Oct. 13 @Burhan Felek Sport Hall: The first derby between Fenerbahce Universal and Galatasaray was played at Burhan Felek. Fenerbahce Universal outclass the rival 3-1 and get 3 point.

Galatasaray 1-3 Fenerbahçe Universal Jan. 7 @Burhan Felek Sport Hall: Galatasaray and Fenerbahce Universal faced once again at Burhan Felek in Women’s league second stage first day match. Fenerbahçe Universal defeated rival 3-1 in revenge match like they did in first stage. As a result of national rules only Galatasaray supporters were ready in the hall.

Key for the Fener: Yeon Koung Kim. I think her spikes and defense will be important for Fenerbahce and any team has no answer to the class of Kim.

Stats don't lie: Kim was best scorer of the team with 320 pts.

Lioubov Sokolova.. Is there a better backcourt defender in the league? Most people are still saying no

We have Logan Tom.. Logan Tom is the most efficient jump server of the team, her serve usually clocks 90-95 mph. Also Kim's jump serves are very strong. I think receivers have a lot of difficulty in reception of a really strong jump serve.


Prediction: I’d say the Fenerbahce beat them in 3 games. Expect the Fenerbahce Universal to be waiting on Vakifbank TTelekom or Eczacibasi in round 2.

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