7 Ekim 2012

Where to watch Yellow Angels Games ?

If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets to any of the Fenerbahce matches or if you don't live in the Turkey, you needn't worry. Typically games can be watched on TV. We've rounded up the best ways to watch the Fenerbahce matches.

FB TV - Fenerbahçe TV broadcasts all the breaking news, past and present matches, press conferences, exclusive interviews with the Yellow Angels, live links with the studio before and after Turkish League and Cup matches along with delayed coverage of various matches in full (broadcast generally at midnight of the day the match was played)

NTVSPOR - Fenerbahce matches are broadcast locally on FB TV, NTVSPOR and Smart Sport. FB TV broadcasts home matches and Smart Sport & NTVSPOR broadcasts various matches.
Note, Smart Sport isn't free. If you want to watch Smart Sport, you have to pay. Unfornately Smart Sport can be watched only by the Turkish users.

Turkish Cup and Super Cup Matches
Turkish Cup and Super Cup matches will be broadcast on NTVSPOR and Voleybol TV (voleyboltv.com)

If you’re based in the Turkey, matches are broadcast on the terrestrial channels FB TV. Catching these games online is extremely simple.

Alternatif Links
www.tv.voleybolx.com (They upload matches of Champions League, Turkish League)
www.voleyboltv.com (Broadcasting matches live from sport halls by web camera and upload some of them into page)

Note, some matches will not be broadcasted since the court of some teams is actually a basketball court (i.e. there is no taraflex surface) and Turkish Voleyball Federation doesn't allow broadcasting of matches played on such a surface.

There are no taraflex surface IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler, Beşiktaş, Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Ereğli Belediyesi

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